Neurosoft, from the very first day it was founded back in 1994 as a local, in-house, software development company, has set the provision of qualitative solutions and services to its clients, both in Greece and abroad, as a primary goal.

Following the merger with Kestrel Information Systems, it evolved into a fully integrated ICT company with Software Development and System Integration capabilities and a headcount of 100+, the majority consisting of highly trained and specialised engineers. The company’s headquarters are in Athens and it has subsidiaries/Rep Offices in Cyprus and Dubai.

Neurosoft designs, develops and integrates Innovative Products and Solutions for Sports Betting companies, Factoring & other Financial Institutions with fully customised Business Intelligence & Risk Management solutions. It also designs, implements, operates and supports Large Scale Infrastructure Solutions for Operators of Critical Networks and Critical National Infrastructures Stakeholders.

The company is committed to client impact, continuous investments in R&D, innovation with ISO and OWASP standards and it is internationally oriented. It has a track record of successful local & international group (multi-country) installations & continuous technical support, always on time – on budget – on spec.

Neurosoft focuses on specific business areas and achieves economies of scale by combining existing products.  It has also won the Premio Le Fonti Impresa d’ Eccellenza “Software House” for Excellence in Software award and it has been a WLA member since 2008.

A client-focused philosophy, innovative products and services constitute the pillars of Neurosoft’s corporate strategy and a powerful ‘weapon’ in the hands of its partners. The choice to invest in the human factor, to focus on quality and to create a developmental and competitive business plan, accounts for Neurosoft’s optimal performance and makes it the trustworthy partner everyone needs in a difficult era of financial crisis and diversified corporate and technological environment.