Data analytics is the technique of extracting and analyzing large sets of data in order to understand the patterns, trends, regularities and actionable information of the business operation. FoLs (Factoring Operations Liability System) is Neurosoft’s multi-dashboard risk information system tailored to the factoring industry.

Using advanced data mining techniques and sophisticated algorithms and methods, FoLs predicts, flags and detects abnormal factoring operational and transactional behavior and evaluates trends in a number of metrics such as DSO, ratings, expected turn days, standard deviations, sensitivity analysis, profitability etc.

The customizable and user friendly dashboards provide at-a-glance in depth view of the core system data, which are sliced and diced into three sub-dashboards:

  • the Client dashboard that provides risk information for a particular client, e.g. alarms based on predictions and measures
  • the Debtor dashboard that includes the information focused on a debtor, e.g. debtor risk score and relationship information
  • and the Portfolio dashboard that contains data for particular set of companies; both clients & debtors alike

FoLs also supports a wide alarm system to quickly indicate significant changes of a predefined and customizable set of metrics.

Therefore the FoLs allows the factors to monitor closely and to identify and manage abnormal situations related to:

  • Market analysis and management (Customer segmentation, cross and up-selling, attrition analysis)
  • Credit Risk (Credit scoring/credit rating, behavior scoring/credit rating migration analysis, default prediction, high risk detection)
  • Fraud detection and management.