Medium and large scale companies operate under a variety of business processes that involve several sub-systems and business units. The dissemination of information, the transparent planning and control of every part of the enterprise and the continuous and plain co-operation between employees are vital factors for seamless business continuity. A workflow system provides the necessary infrastructure for the set-up and monitoring of a sequence of procedural tasks, defined by the enterprise to ensure the aforementioned operational visibility.

iSynergy is Neurosoft’s independent workflow management system designed in accordance with the standards set by the Workflow Management Coalition and fully integrated with Proxima+ and Tesla.

The Process Definition sub-system is responsible for the implementation of the procedural rules that must be followed. Our business experts are highly skilled and able to assist every process owner to easily create a workflow by defining business steps and not technical activities. The transformation of the business requirements into an algorithm and its implementation is a task that we can successfully undertake, minimizing therefore the system failures. iSynergy facilitated both production workflow, in which most of the procedural rules are defined in advance, as well as ad-hoc workflow, in which the procedural rules may be modified or created during the operation of the process.

After system set-up, iSynergy monitors closely the processes and automatically follows up on uncompleted tasks offering a real time and accurate overview of the workflow operational status.

Indisputably the manual business coordination is costly, iSynergy minimizes the efforts and resources required, increases productivity, improves quality and allows business visibility in the most effective way.