Being in the factoring business for over 15 years and always keeping close to the latest international and local market challenges and trends, Neurosoft now brings a unique technological proposition, a complete and renewed platform having all tools integrated:

is Neurosoft ’s second generation, powerful web-based end-to-end factoring solution aligned with each country’s legislation and local business requirements and allows secured interaction with clients and debtors through its e-factoring platform Tesla.

The system has its own MIS system data, upon which calculates models on fraud and risk rating, in real time. For data exchange and ETL operations, the system uses its Oberon platform, the foreign systems connector that allows two-way communication with other systems and exhibits versatility, accuracy and speed.

Neurosoft’s deep expertise in data mining established frameworks to extend the capability of Proxima+ with Predictive Business Intelligence solutions that can help the factors to improve profitability. The platform now features FOLS (Factoring Operations Liability System) a risk information system and reporting tool tailored to the factoring industry.

Proxima+ is available under both licensing and SAAS provision models and  maintains a successful track record on each implementation undertaken within the deadlines and budget.

As a fully integrated ICT company, Neurosoft also provides consultancy and support for IT infrastructure setup, networking, cyber security, integration, administration etc., therefore having all necessary capabilities to support a project end-to-end and ensure fast and successful delivery coupled with highly professional services every time.

Full-featured: supports all types of factoring, transactions and related documents in line with today’s complex environment

Customizable: offers on the spot customization (tailor-made searches and reports, special conditions and exceptions) in order to reflect your company’s business

Universally accessible: fully web-based versatile platform, accessible from anywhere, anytime, using any kind of device

User-friendly: the interface of Proxima+ is user friendly yet rich in functionality, while its engine provides accelerated response times

Secure: Neurosoft is committed to the adoption of advanced methodologies and well-known international standards (ISO and OWASP, etc.)

Expandable: grows with your business without adding any operating costs, as it is fully scalable, due to its flexible architecture

Intelligent Risk Management: a sophisticated Risk Management and Scoring module tailored to the factoring industry, with flagging, color cues and unique fraud detection capabilities is integrated to the Proxima+

Neurosoft’s international clients include:

ABC Factors, Piraeus Factoring, NBG Factors, SBERBANK Serbia, UBB Factoring, Banca Romaneasca, Stopanska Banka, Piraeus Bank Romania, Albanian Factoring Services, Reem Finance Abu Dhabi etc.

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