The ability to seamlessly exchange information between factoring business units, customers, and debtors is vital for success. In order to allow the factors to easily swap data from Proxima+ with their clients and debtors, Neurosoft has introduced: a highly secured communication channel accessible over the internet, having been especially designed to automate data flows and provide innovative functionalities for modern Factoring and Supply Chain Finance

 The business trend for the foreseeable future is to move to supply chain finance and asset based lending that allow a win-win situation for the buyer and supplier. The key in Supply Chain Finance is the online platform and the automation and integration with the bank and various third party systems, so that the whole process becomes easy and fully automated. The extended version of Tesla is an online SCF platform that supports reverse factoring and factoring techniques, ensures a faster service, increases transparency, improves risk management and minimizes costs. It is a platform that can be accessed by both clients and debtors, with a back office module integrated in the factoring operational platform.

 Highly secured: the platform is OWASP compliant and includes work according to ISO 27001 therefore it ensures secure login and information exchange over non-secure channels such as the Internet

Ease of Use and Accessibility: is simple to use and can supports simultaneously two languages, provides distinct menus for clients and debtors with drill-down capabilities and lists of transactions and reports with search engines

Innovative features: users can execute, view, print and save reports, letters, invoices and other documents in real time, therefore avoids any waste of resources for printing and delivery of such documents

Integrated in Proxima+: through a dedicated interface, Factoring users send and receive all necessary information and communicate via messages

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