As competition intensifies and margins disintegrate, BOLT provides a real-time, accurate and reliable user-friendly view of an operator’s liability picture that enables the trader to effectively implement his on-the-spot trading strategy and proactively, effortlessly control and confine risk.

BOLT – a unique proposition:

  • Is a real-time & high-performance system
  • Handles all types of bet (singles, multiples, system bets etc.) in a unified environment
  • Presents information in both macroscopic and microscopic views
  • Identifies and encourages the investigation of  abnormal situations with high risk exposure and detects sports fraudulence
  • Offers exclusive trading tools (what-if scenarios, reports, alerts, betting dependencies monitoring)
  • Presents liability in various forms/calculations (added, expected, hybrid etc).

BOLT provides the competitive leverage you need to respond to intensive competition and significantly improve the operator’s financial performance through decisions that enhance revenues and limit costs. Its distinctive characteristics lead to a competitive pricing, which results in increased market share and profitability.

BOLT is designed for ease of implementation, ease of use and trouble-free service. It is fully customised and seamlessly integrates into the operator’s IT systems ensuring cost efficiency and effectiveness while guaranteeing security. Its open architecture minimises requirements for hardware and third-party software and reduces maintenance costs. Furthermore, Neurosoft’s highly specialised and dedicated team guarantees outstanding results on time response and operational support.

The advanced financial models and innovative functionality use state-of-the-art technology and allow the trader to have a firm grip on the sports book’s risk exposure and hidden threats by providing the information needed at the time needed. The real-time scenario planning (What if) offers a virtual environment which assists traders in accurately assessing the impact of certain scenarios on the operator’s operation and quickly focusing on the most critical events.

BOLT’s pioneering way to account for exclusivity when handling multiples ensures that liability is at all times correctly apportioned to the involved bets, providing a clear view of liability structure and highlighting the areas requiring attention. Moreover the graphical interface and its ergonomics maximise traders’ effectiveness and efficiency, improve workflow and reduce the overhead.

BOLT adapts to your needs and can be tailored to your sports betting proposition and your specific market requirements. It is versatile, configurable and well-suited for all types of fixed-odds betting, across all available betting channels and geographies. Being modular and scalable, it grows with your business.