BOOM (Bet Only On Multiples)

The purpose of the product is to create a unique service with the most attractive prices on multiples operation for the operation. This service will:

  • Accept only multiples
  • Run as a contained service for the operator in a revenue sharing schema
  • Offer the best value for multiples keeping the combined overrun to be  the most attractive in the jurisdiction
  • Use the unique BOLT technology to manage liability and risk on multiples

 The Opportunity

Practice shows that the payout of the multiples is much more lucrative for operators due to increased overrun as a result of the accumulator. Most of the online operators are favorable to offer singles and in-play, because of the claim “this is what our customers want” and because they can control risk more easily (Automatic Risk Control). In contrast, they are generally scared to accept multiples because “small stakes à large payout” bets represent higher risk.

Our service through better pricing has two goals:

  • Increase the average column length
  • Cannibalise multiples revenues from other operators due to aggressive pricing

The Solution

In order to accomplish the above targets, we design a new product that offers the most attractive odds on multiples. In simple words, we decrease the margin as the column length increases. In that respect a price for the same selection in a three leg bet will be higher than the one in a two leg bet and certainly higher than a single.

Although this will have the side effect of increasing the payout ratio, there are two other factors that not only compensate but will also increase revenues and GGR; these are longer average lengths and increased revenue from within the operator’s punters and online punters alike.

Central to the idea is to know exactly where the risk resides and thus the only available solution is to use Bolt as the main operational risk management for this product, tuned and extended to fully support the business idea.