The sports betting market has become more demanding than ever. A vast amount of information, prices and offering is available to bettors, competition has increased and betting services have to be sophisticated and creative. Neurosoft has developed innovative and ergonomic tools to facilitate the trading team with the structuring of a modern and dynamic sports betting offering. Alkemi is at the heart of Neurosoft’s product portfolio.

Alkemi is a scalable, flexible and omni-channel sportsbook. Its main functionalities are the book set up, in other words the selection and parameterisation of events to be offered, and the pricing -initial and ongoing- of the corresponding events. The pricing system is based on state-of-the-art stochastic algorithms that use historical player data, market information (historical and current) and third-party data sources.

Alkemi determines the probability of each outcome with sufficient precision and therefore ensures a profitable trading strategy. It supports all bet and market types and can be integrated with all major sports feeds and risk management systems.

Through Qualytor (or any other feed aggregator), Alkemi receives event details from various sources as well as odds from various bookmakers (market). At any given time, both before and during the event, the system consumes important information, recalculates goal expectancy and readjusts the mathematical model.

Through a smart user interface the trading team handles and models all types of sporting events in a truly successful manner.