The necessity of accurate and real time event data gathering and processing is a fact for all the organisations that operate in the field of sports monitoring and sports betting (eg. Bookmakers, media companies etc).

Qualytor is Neurosoft’s platform that through a continuously updated database can provide important information for 13 sports and more than 2.000 competitions.

Qualytor supports

  • Historical data coverage (results, event moments, standings etc)
  • Ongoing enrichment of the database with event moments (like goal, penalties, substitutions etc), team lineups and formations, scores, match statistics and team/ player information
  • Odds comparison of all major bookmakers (European and Asian)
  • Advanced tools for monitoring the betting exchanges (volumes and prices)
  • Calculation of standard and special standings and rankings
  • Advanced statistical reports regarding the team/ player form, the event outcome and the odds offered by the bookies
  • In depth statistical analysis customised to the client needs
  • A “smart” search engine that allows the analysis of data
  • Real time and tailor made alerts for exceptional circumstances (hedging alerts, arbitrage alerts, sure bets, sudden etc)
  • A real-time feed towards the client’s content management system

Qualytor can be used either as a standalone product or it can be integrated into the risk management system that the operator uses.

The “smart” search engine deserves a special mention as it has a dual purpose. On the one hand, it allows the analysis of historical data such as statistics, market odds, betting exchange turnover and also better decision making in setting/ following a betting strategy. On the other hand, such a search engine can be used as a starting point for a comprehensive and unified content management system, where advanced searches can “build” a story about a future event, in a completely different way than it happens today (targeted and aligned to the operator’s strategy at micro level).