A consortium consisting of Neurosoft S.A, University of Piraeus, Universidad de Malaga and Beia Consultant International, created SealedGRID, an innovative platform which builds on an architectural image of industrial installations, while considering the characteristics of energy infrastructures, their cyber and physical requirements.

SealedGRID aims at bringing together experts from industry and academia, from cross-sectorial research areas having complementary backgrounds with the long-term goal to design, analyse, and implement a scalable, highly trusted and interoperable Smart Grid security platform. SealedGRID is committed to create a fully-integrated and multi-disciplinary programme, while all efforts and funding will be focused on this purpose.

Τhe platform will contribute to the fulfillment of efficient operation of critical infrastructure, while preserving quality of service. Along with its security methodology and mitigation techniques for potential cyber/physical threats, it will provide an integrated solution applicable to existing systems and provide security features in legacy equipment, upgrading their capabilities for operation in modern computing environments.

Expectations are to limit security risks for the expansion of remote energy distribution network management, towards the evolution of Smart Grids. It will provide a platform that brings together experts from cross-sectorial research areas, abide by existing standardization work and will be directly utilized by shareholders to provide tools towards a highly trusted and interoperable Smart Grid security platform.

We have already participated in many events, sharing our aims and our progress, while our team members participated in the European Finals of CSAW 2018 (Valence, France).

News and Events and dissemination material can be found on the SealedGRID website: https://www.sgrid.eu/