Even though cyber security advances and its adoption becomes wider, threats are still becoming more sophisticated and new vulnerabilities are discovered every day. From simple cases to a full scale corporate compromise, threats arise both from the inside and the outside of an Organisation, making it even harder to keep data secure at all times.

Cases that may lead to data leaks, include Hacking, Computer Viruses, Internet Extortion, Embezzlement, Contract breaches, Copyright and intellectual property theft or misuse, Employees’ disputes etc. Regardless of the size of the Organisation, at some point, all information security mechanisms might fail and attacks may be realized. In such cases, Organisations should be prepared to act promptly in order to collect evidence of computer crimes in a forensically sound manner, defend from similar incidents in the future, minimize tangible and intangible losses and prosecute perpetrators.

Digital forensics tries to shed light on potentially suspicious cases that involve digital media and are in need of further investigation.

Neurosoft’s team of dedicated and specialized security analysts and investigators will successfully respond to any internal computer investigation incident. The investigation includes the recovery, analysis and preservation of computer and related materials in such a manner that they can be presented as evidence in a court of law.

Neursoft will act in a timely manner, in order to identify the evidence quickly, estimate the potential impact of the malicious activity on the victim and assess the intent and identity of the perpetrator.

Organisations are able to rely on expert and ethical investigators without the need to invest on dedicated and specialised personnel. Relying on Neurosoft’s certified professional investigators also eliminate the risk of tampering forensically sound evidence, often caused by untrained staff, and ensures the accuracy of the estimated threat level of the attack.

Organisations can benefit by:

  • Relying on Neurosoft’s expertise and confidentiality for the investigation of an incident
  • Reducing cost
  • Ensuring protection of forensically sound evidence