In the last years, the global cyber threats have increased enormously and security professionals need more knowledge than the criminals, in order to prevent and detect sophisticated attacks.

Cyber Security assessments can be used to monitor compliance, identify vulnerabilities and quantify their impact and likelihood, evaluate the threat level of the performed attacks, calculate the effectiveness of the existing security controls and estimate risk, in order to establish a holistic protection and maintain consumer confidence and business reputation.

Our Cyber Security assessments services, performed by skilful and talented security professionals, can enhance the security posture of any Organisation by spotting and exploiting vulnerabilities and providing recommendations for viable remediation and risk mitigation.

Neurosoft Security Team will conduct a set of advanced cyber security assessments driven by the “Think Evil” and “Act Professional” principles.

ICT Infrastructure and IT Systems Penetration Testing: We evaluate the security of a service, solution or infrastructure of any organisation, based on the vulnerabilities that could be exploited by external users without credentials or appropriate rights to access a system. Our team will act as an external malicious attacker and implement several attack scenarios, in order to exploit vulnerable systems and compromise the security of the organisation. Working in a demonstrative context will help us prove the exploitability of the vulnerabilities found and the potential impact of a successful realization of the attack.

Web Application Testing: We evaluate the security of any custom or commercial off the shelf web application software (including application interfaces and other functionalities) to ensure that necessary security controls and policies are in place. Our team uses a set of commercial and custom-made testing tools together with manual checks to ensure that false positives have been identified and critical issues have been acknowledged.

Social Engineering: We evaluate the preparedness of the personnel against social engineering attacks, which aim to psychologically manipulate employees and colleagues to perform actions or reveal confidential information. Social Engineering Testing is the only way to assess the level of security awareness and readiness of personnel, prevent Social Engineering attacks and improve security against non-technical threats.

Red Tiger Hacking (RTH): We evaluate the overall security of an entity. Our team will attempt to compromise the overall security controls by actively attacking an entity and using every possible “ethical” way, based on scenarios that the Organisation wishes to test. Specific targets/goals and achievements can be determined (e.g. steal sensitive documents, corporate secrets, etc.). RTH includes attacks to every possible entry point (Black Box), advanced Spear Phishing attacks, advanced Social Engineering attacks, physical security attacks, Advanced Persistent Threats – APTs and vulnerability research and zero-date exploits.

Red/Blue Exercises: We evaluate the defensive (prevention-detection-reaction) mechanisms and readiness of the Organisation’s blue teams and the overall exposure of any Organisation to a successful attack, through the realization of real case scenarios (usually deployed in a controlled environment) where attackers (red team) are trying to compromise security and defenders (blue team) are trying to prevent, detect and stop the attacks. Red/Blue Exercises simulates “Real Attacks” vs. “Real Defence”, measures communication and reporting capabilities, evaluates incident response mechanisms and promotes Attacker/Defence Training.

Stress Tests: We evaluate the effectiveness of servers against Distributed Denial of Service – DDoS attacks. Our experts will assess whether the external infrastructure is vulnerable to DDoS by simulating the attacker’s path by originating numerous requests to the server until it reaches a point where it cannot respond to client’s legitimate requests. Cyber-criminals use this type of attack by using botnets aka zombie computers that they control and generate simultaneous requests to the servers. Their motivation varies, but the most frequent demand is a ransom in order to stop the attack.

Cyber Security Assessments are being performed by our highly qualified professional team with years of proven experience, holding internationally recognized professional certifications which demonstrate their advanced penetration testing skills and high ethical profile.

  • Offensive Security Certified Expert (OSCE)
  • Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)
  • Offensive Security Wireless Attacks (OSWP)
  • eLearnSecurity Web Application Penetration Tester (eWPT)
  • eLearnSecurity Mobile Application Penetration Tester (eMAPT)
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH)


Neurosoft enforces high technical skill requirements through on-going participation of our team to advanced trainings, conferences and seminars (Blackhat, Defcon, etc.), CTF (Capture the Flag) and War-game competitions (e.g. NATO coalition exercise).