As the number of cyber security incidents increases and their nature becomes more complex, sophisticated and damaging, security services have become important components of IT management.

Organisations are expected to act proactively and be able to respond quickly and effectively to security incidents, in order to minimize the level of exposure and the impact posed to the Organisation. However, due to their nature and complexity, effective security management, including continuous monitoring, threat intelligence, incident response and vulnerability management, requires substantial planning and resources.

Although the majority of Organisations and enterprises rely on the use of ICT infrastructures for their daily operations, having a team of qualified security analysts and engineers is not always feasible and requires a serious investment in expertise, continuous education and training, not to mention the use of appropriate hardware and software tools and event management platforms.

The question often raised is whether a small or medium scale Organisation will ever be able to make such investments or maximize Return On Investment – ROI.

Neurosoft offers a wide range of security managed services that can help Organisations to effectively manage security, ensure compliance with their policies and procedures as well as with international standards, identify new risks and maintain risk within the risk tolerance level.

Neurosoft’s managed security services bundles are designed to address the needs of every Organisation, ranging from baseline support to premium coverage and may include cyber security continuous monitoring, threat intelligence, incident response and vulnerability management.

Cyber Security Continuous Monitoring: Neurosoft continuous monitoring services are catered specifically to Customer’s needs and surpass traditional security monitoring in cost, efficiency and reliability. Neurosoft’s experienced security analysts will develop a continuous monitoring plan and will monitor Customer’s security events for signs of intrusion, compromise, unauthorized access, policy violations and many other required activity, according to the risk tolerance level of the Customer and the identified vulnerabilities and critical assets and the required time schedule. Cyber Security Continuous Monitoring includes periodic security controls assessments, the collection and correlation of security data and reporting of the current security status.

Cyber Threat Intelligence: Neurosoft offers a CTI platform based on a constant collection of intelligence feeds related to information security threats, by gathering and analysing threats or organisation related intelligence data. Intelligence data may include publicly or privately available information, social media intelligence, information gathered from human sources, honeypots or intelligence gathered from the darknet. Monitoring and incident response capabilities can significantly profit from cyber threat intelligence information and thus strengthen the security preparedness of the Organisation.

Incident Response: Neurosoft security team can undertake the incident management of any Organisation or help them establish an incident response capability to quickly detect incidents, minimize loss and service destruction, mitigate exploited weaknesses and restore services. Neurosoft’s incident response services cover all major activities of the incident response approach (Prepare, Respond and Follow-up).

Vulnerability Management: Vulnerability Management is the cyclical practice of asset discovery, prioritization, assessment, classification and remediation of security weaknesses in all systems of an organization. Vulnerability management services, performed by skilful and talented security professionals, can enhance the security posture of any organisation by spotting and exploiting vulnerabilities and providing recommendations for viable remediation and risk mitigation. Neurosoft’s vulnerability management service can assist Organisations not only to identify vulnerabilities of existing or new services and infrastructures but also to mitigate threats by taking corrective actions and to verify their effectiveness.

Our analysts team holds certifications:

  • ISO27001 Lead Auditor
  • Certified Associate – Security QRadar
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH)
  • Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)

Organisations can significantly benefit from outsourcing security by achieving cost reduction while improving their security posture, as they no longer need to invest in continuous security expertise of their IT staff, they can release IT staff from the overhead caused by security monitoring and can rely on a team of experienced security analysts to carry out their security related activities. Moreover, Managed Security Services can help Customers to reduce the impact (financial and other) posed by security incidents and to ensure compliance with legal, regulatory and contractual requirements.