Security Source Code Review can effectively identify security flaws and eliminate software vulnerabilities.

Neurosoft’s security analysts will perform a systematic source code analysis to verify that all security controls have been properly implemented, assess their effectiveness and efficiency in order to identify:

  • Flaws in software
  • Common vulnerabilities (such as format string exploits, race conditions, memory leaks and buffer overflows)
  • Deviations from initial design requirements
  • Violations of security requirements (i.e. Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability)
  • Violations of security policies (authorisation, access management, etc.)
  • Violations of security principles (i.e. least-privilege, defence-in-depth, zero trust, failsafe securely, simplicity, etc )

Security Source Code Review in combination with Penetration Testing will fully assess applications’ security and identify existing and potential vulnerabilities. It also offers the ability to discover vulnerabilities even at the early stages of software development and react in a timely manner.

Benefits from Security Source Code Review

  • Develop Secure Software
  • Eliminate Effort & Costs by discovering vulnerabilities at the early stages of code development
  • Ensure Compliance (with standards, best practices, Policies)
  • Preserve Reputation
  • Discover design flaws and vulnerabilities that cannot be discovered by other security assessments

Security Source Code review is supported by a set of open source, commercial and custom made tools combined with human effort to provide thorough code review.