As technology advances, the robustness of the technical security controls improves and their deployment can significantly enhance the level of protection against security threats. However, the use of technical measures alone is insufficient to minimize human errors and prevent the realization of an attack caused by social engineering or misuse.

As employees have access to Organisation’s sensitive information, customer and or personal data, their actions can have a serious impact on the Organisations’ intellectual property and reputation, including legal and contractual violations and financial damage. Due to its critical role, the human factor is considered as the weakest link in the Organisation’s information security. Hackers are aware of this fact and as they always target vulnerable points within an Organisation, employees are considered an easy target. Moreover, when security automation mechanisms fail, employees are the last line of defence.

Security awareness and training aims to educate employees on the security risks related to information handling and to ensure compliance with security policies and regulations.

Neurosoft’s team of IT security specialists and Professionals, with deep knowledge in information security and extensive experience in security training, offers a variety of awareness programs to address the needs of small, medium and large Organisations:

  • Typical courses for security awareness covering fundamental issues of information security. Awareness presentations are intended to allow individuals to recognize IT security concerns and respond accordingly.
  • Courses based on customized material, with focus on the Organisation’s policies, procedures and security requirements targeting specific roles and compliance needs.

Taking into account the Organisations’ specific needs security awareness material may include:

  • Group Presentations and Q&A
  • Newsletters / Mailing Lists
  • Security Reminder Banners on computer screens
  • Security Awareness Videos from various sources delivered via e-mail
  • Posters / Flyers