The term “cloud services” covers a wide range of services offered and delivered by a service provider to the customers via the internet, which, in this perspective, has broadly become known as “the cloud”. Self-provisioning and elasticity are the main characteristics of this new business trend; giving full control to the operators as the service is delivered on-demand and is shuttled down when no longer necessary.

Neurosoft started the 15year business course in the field of Factoring by developing a sophisticated client server application that fully covered the business needs of the Factors at that time. The client app was successfully restructured into a robust web application and following closely the technological evolution and the business development needs, we opened up our product portfolio by providing our products as a service (SAAS). Being steadfast to our RnD strategy, Neurosoft is ready to offer a full cloud services solution to our clients.

Why move to cloud?

  • Cloud computing is CAPEX free and cuts out the high cost of HW. You pay only for what you currently need and only for the period you need it.
  • It grows as you grow and it is easy to scale up or down the cloud capacity in accordance with the business needs.
  • Cloud-based workflow and file sharing apps optimize the business structures and facilitate the collaborations within your organization.
  • It is highly secured. Your data are stored in the cloud, accessible from anywhere no matter what happens to your machine ensuring that your data will not get into the wrong hands.
  • It offers flexibility, speed and agility. Your operation can be multi-jurisdictional in terms of technology with a few clicks.