Big data analytics is the process of collecting, organising and examining a large amount of data to uncover concealed patterns, unknown correlations, market trends and other useful business information.

Our primary goal is to help betting operators take effective business decisions based on forms of data that may be untouched by conventional business intelligence solutions.

Big data can be analysed through common and/or specialised software and data visualisation tools. Analysts should therefore set up an environment which is able to process extremely large volumes of collected structured and unstructured data sets as well as determine which data is relevant and must be analysed further. The experienced analysts undertaking the analysis are the stepping stone in this field. Neurosoft’s team has strong analytical skills and is capable of handling big data headaches, i.e. data management, data quality, data consistency etc.

Betting operators are trying to gain insights into their data not only in order to answer specific business questions, but also to improve their operation, since analytical findings can lead to more effective marketing, better customer service and new revenue opportunities. Neurosoft can address all these issues and serve operators’ needs at the same time.