While Information Technology advances rapidly, the need for Information Security emerges. As Security Threats are vastly increasing and new zero-day exploits are being developed each day, it is not a matter of “if” but rather “when” a Security Breach is going to occur in any organisation.

So what happens when an intruder manages to bypass security mechanisms and gain access to the infrastructure? Is there enough time to react and protect the Organisation’s assets? Is there a way to trap the attacker, delay or prevent him from going deeper into the network and compromise core systems?

While modern security mechanisms are designed to protect, detect and prevent cyber security attacks, deception technology strategies aim to deceive the attacker, misdirect his actions to decoys that are being monitored and eventually trap him into a “fake” environment, giving administrators enough time to react and protect core systems.

Deception Technology automates the creation of traps (decoys) which are continuously being monitored, in order to detect attackers who have successfully penetrated the network.

Neurosoft’s security team, with a high level of expertise and experience in deception technologies, forensic analysis and event management, offers a variety of CDT solutions to meet the demands of every Organisation in significantly enhancing the line of defence of their infrastructure, especially in cases where the attacker manages to bypass prevention mechanisms.

Detection, Deception and Defence are the key components of our CDT solutions.

Neurosoft’s talented security professionals will deploy a number of custom-made sophisticated machines as decoys and strategically place them within the organisation’s infrastructure (i.e. internal and external network) emulating normal systems.  As these “deception points” appear to be more attractive (due to their location, information processed and number), there is a great possibility that attackers will target them instead of the actual core system.

Neurosoft’s security analysts will continuously monitor events arising from possible violations, assist Organisations in the response process and perform forensics analysis.

Deception Technology intends to enhance rather than replace other security products, thus can significantly improve:

  • Early and real-time detection.
  • Intrusion Prevention System effectiveness.
  • Intelligence gathering.
  • Response strategies (in terms of resources and available time for reaction).
  • Offensive security.
  • Protection of real assets.