As the number of cyber security incidents increases and their nature becomes more complex and damaging, threat and incident management have become important components of IT management.

Organisations are expected to respond quickly and effectively to security incidents, in order to minimise the level of exposure and the impact posed to the Organisation. Moreover, effective threat and incident management can significantly contribute to the prevention and reduction of future events. However, due to their nature and complexity, identification and response to modern cyber attacks require substantial planning and resources.

Although the majority of Organisations and enterprises rely on the use of ICT infrastructures for their daily operations, having a team of qualified security analysts and engineers is not always feasible and requires a serious investment in expertise, continuous education and training, not to mention the use of appropriate hardware and software tools and event management platforms.

The question often raised is whether a small or medium scale Organisation will ever be able to make such investments or maximise Return On Investment – ROI.

Neurosoft, through its threat and incident management solutions, can offer a seamless approach for proactive threat management and incident response to small, medium and large scale Organisations.

Our highly-qualified professional team of security analysts and researchers will integrate a set of different approaches and methodologies, in order to continuously monitor and identify threats, and take the necessary actions for the prevention of attacks before they actually affect the corporate environment.

Neurosoft’s threat approach is based on:

  •  Threat Intelligence (including Behavioural Threat Detection, Traffic Analysis and Monitoring as well as adaptive threat visibility).
  •  Threat Detection and Analysis.
  •  Threat Mitigation.
  •  Almost real-time Threat Prevention.

Moreover, Neurosoft’s security team can undertake the incident management of any Organisation or help it establish an incident response capability to quickly detect incidents, minimise loss and service destruction, mitigate exploited weaknesses and restore services.

Neurosoft’s solutions cover all major activities of the incident response approach (Prepare, Respond and Follow-up) which include:

  • Specification of incident response goals.
  • Assessment of the event.
  •  Containment of the intrusion to prevent further damage.
  • Recovery of systems and data.
  • Establishment of prevention solutions for future similar events.
  • Investigation and/or prosecution of intrusion.
  •  Prevention of public disclosure of the incident.

Customers will benefit by:

  • Reducing the impact (financial and other) posed by security incidents.
  • Reducing costs for security monitoring and incident management.
  • Relying on a highly-qualified team of security analysts and engineers.
  • Ensuring compliance with legal, regulatory and contractual requirements.