Neurosoft, a fully integrated ICT company, headquartered in Athens with presence in Cyprus, Dubai and London, manages to combine Software Development and System Integration capabilities, offering innovative solutions in four business areas: Receivables Finance, Sports Betting, ICT and Cyber Security.

Being in the receivables finance business for over 15 years, always attuned to the latest international and local market challenges and trends, the company now brings a unique technological proposition which has all tools integrated in order to modernise the receivables finance business. Neurosoft’s expertise is translated into a unique proposition, a powerful set of tools and fast implementation services, with no risk of “project stuck”, delays or unnecessary costs, thus helping customers to quickly promote modern receivables finance techniques and maintain a distinguishable position in the marketplace.

In Sports Betting, Neurosoft’s solutions incorporate the experience gained during the last 15 years and transform its know-how into sharable knowledge. The company’s product portfolio includes a robust, innovative and functionally rich set of products to support the sports betting operation. From data gathering and analysis to sportsbook, risk management and liability monitoring, Neurosoft focuses on delivering platforms that fully comply with operators’ needs and market trends.

In addition, being an ICT company, Neurosoft has all capabilities required in order to successfully create, deliver and support complex and diverse security-centric solutions for cloud infrastructures, data centers, ISPs and large businesses, thus offering a full portfolio of ICT solutions starting from design and installation all the way to maintenance and support of communication services for a variety of both private and public sector companies.

Finally, in the field of Cyber Security, the company uses monitoring and intrusion detection tools, cyber threat intelligence and Honeypots in order to monitor network traffic for malicious activity. Furthermore, it analyses data to deal with cyber vulnerabilities, risks and threats, providing in this way a complete solution for customers’ protection, while it also offers security awareness programs and security trainings for their personnel as well.

Neurosoft’s team, consisting of highly skilled and trained personnel, always thinking and working out of the box, is eager to work with customers and develop a solution that suits them best in any of the above business areas.