A broad definition of analytics and reporting would include all data-driven processes that provide business insight. These procedures require historical and predictive information and transform them into useful information. The value of analytics lies in its ability to deliver better outcomes allowing you to take intelligent business decisions. Analytics and reporting support strategic planning, deliver tactical value, and create competitive advantage.

The cornerstone of our solutions in the field of analytics and reporting is Qualytor, a platform which provides important information for 13 sports and more than 2.000 competitions through a continuously updated database. Qualytor supports historical data coverage and the database is constantly enriched with event moments. The fact that Neurosoft has ownership over Qualytor allows us to develop and run sophisticated statistical reports, design advanced tools to monitor betting activities and finally offer an in-depth statistical analysis customised to client needs.

The principles of analytics underlie BOLT as well. Through an innovative graphical user interface the operator can get important business details in real time. These types of data support top-level decision-making in a very ergonomic and user-friendly way and ensure quick reaction. BOLT also addresses the necessity of post-mortem analysis and reporting through a well-designed reporting environment. The operator can monitor the betting behaviour and betting patterns of punters, examine its offering in depth, evaluate the decisions already taken and the strategies followed and detect fraudulent activities.

Therefore, Neurosoft manages to provide both real-time and scheduled reporting tools which generate important business data that can be extracted in all possible formats.