As competition intensifies and margins disintegrate, operators require real-time, accurate and reliable user-friendly views of their liability. The trading team in order to effectively implement an on-the-spot trading strategy must control and confine risk. Neurosoft addresses these issues with BOLT, a risk management and liability monitoring tool that promotes the decision-making process, optimising risk management, thereby directly impacting on top and bottom lines.

Our solution has unique real-time capabilities for any measure and at any aggregation level, allowing a detailed macroscopic and microscopic betting operations view. We use advanced financial models and state-of-the-art technology that allow the trader to have a firm grip on the sportsbook’s risk exposure by providing the information needed at the time needed. The consolidated and detailed views, across geographies or channels, depict risk, track betting movements and identify betting patterns and betting shifts.

Through a wide range of tools the operator focuses on what is important. Real-time identification of interdependencies and correlations between betting events and markets reveal potential hidden threats and swiftly proceed to preventive or corrective action. Moreover, the real-time scenario planning (What if) offers a virtual environment which assists traders in assessing the impact of certain scenarios and quickly focusing on the most critical events.

BOLT’s pioneering way to account for exclusivity when handling multiples ensures that liability is at all times correctly apportioned to the involved bets, providing a clear view of the liability structure and highlighting the areas requiring attention.

The flexible and user-friendly graphical user interface and the tailor-made views improve workflow and allow the trader to concentrate on pure trading activities. The personalised alerts and a plethora of filters and parameters trigger prompt reactions.