Neurosoft’s sportsbook is built from scratch as a highly flexible, scalable and omni-channel Sportsbook. It supports all bet and market types and can be integrated with all major sports feeds and risk management systems. The sportsbook is able to gather, handle and model all types of sporting events. Through a smart and simple interface the trader has the ability to manage the full suite of events, prices, limits and liabilities.

More specifically, Sportsbook can calculate the initial pricing via sophisticated algorithms taking into account the impact of quantitative (i.e. historical data, advanced statistical data, market etc) and non-quantitative information (i.e. weather, ground type etc). It is able to support all major sports automatically, while traders can also handle the events manually. Sportsbook can publish the initial set of odds and manage the life cycle of the events thereafter.

Neurosoft’s sportsbook is a full-spectrum management solution that gives the bookmaker a complete control and monitoring of the operations through a tailor-made approach.