The growing need for IT security professionals leads to an imperative necessity: to find new and young cyber talents and to encourage them to pursue a career in cyber security.

Neurosoft is a proud supporter and a Gold Sponsor of the Hellenic Cyber Security Team that competed in the 2017 ECSC challenge grand finals, held between 30 October/3November 2017 in Malaga, Spain. The Hellenic team was trained and organized by the Department of Digital Systems of the University of Piraeus.

The European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC) is an annual European competition promoted by the European Commission through ENISA that brings together young people (ages 14-25) to compete in Cyber Security, aiming to uncover new InfoSEc talent within Europe. The competition was very demanding and included many security-related challenges i.e. web security, mobile security, crypto puzzles, reverse engineering and forensics.