Neurosoft, initially founded as a software development company, has been developing innovative in-house products since 1994. Today, it successfully combines Software Development and System Integration, offering cutting-edge products and all the tools required to minimise risk and maximise productivity, security and growth, thus helping customers meet their objectives more efficiently and quickly.

The company monitors business needs and market trends in its areas of activities, capitalises on the extensive knowledge gained through all these years and emphasises on a strong R&D process for new products performed by specialised developers, while daily contact with customers brings valuable insight as well. Thus, our team of business analysts and developers gets the necessary feedback in order to design and develop state-of-the-art products, always in compliance with modern methods and quality standards, leading to a product portfolio which aims both at product expansion and new product releases.

Today the ability to seamlessly exchange information between receivables finance business units, customers and debtors is vital for success. Neurosoft believes in making things simple not complex, always focusing on innovation in order to help businesses in their efforts to unlock value from their unpaid customer invoices, enhance cash flow and operational efficiency. Developing receivables finance products with the aim of solving the problem at hand in one click, is the core of our philosophy.

In the field of Sports Betting, the pressure on margin, the rapidly increased turnover and the new regulations are pillars that affect the sports betting route and create an imperative need for a holistic and cross-product approach to deliver added value to customers. The player’s experience is the driving force for product design and system architecture. The need for vendor-agnostic and cross-platform solutions is mandatory and many operators are looking for the most innovative and niche products to add them in their portfolio. Delivering platforms that fully comply with operators’ needs and market trends is central to our product design and development.

Our experience in Software Development and Cyber Security, in addition to our collaboration with companies that handle a considerable amount of sensitive data have given us the opportunity to spot a gap in the market of Cyber Security which concerns all kinds of companies, especially those handling this kind of data. Predicting, detecting, avoiding security attacks and retrieving information from eventual attackers is crucial to business security; that is why Neurosoft focuses on products which help businesses detect, deceive, delay and isolate attackers.

On the whole, Neurosoft’s team of highly qualified and skilled professionals takes pride in providing customers with modern tools for more educated decision-making in both day-to-day operations and long-term strategy in its areas of activity, thinking for customers and looking to their growth.