The modernisation and digitisation of business simplify both the operational model and business processes and allow companies to sustain and improve their competitive advantage in the global marketplace. However, technological innovation in this direction creates not only the need for more efficient and sophisticated methods of handling information electronically, but also security holes that attackers could exploit, making the need for protection against all kinds of risks and malicious activity even greater.

Neurosoft, being a fully integrated ICT company, has all the necessary capabilities to support a project end-to-end both in the field of ICT and that of Cyber Security, ensuring fast and successful delivery coupled with highly professional services at the same time.

In ICT, Neurosoft offers a rich portfolio of services from design and installation to maintenance and operation of telecom infrastructure for a wide range of private and public sector companies. Our personnel over the past years has engaged in mission-critical, complex and multi-vendor environments and has thus gained significant experience and deep know-how. Additionally, our partnerships with worldwide leading software and equipment vendors expose our teams in parallel to the latest market developments and trends, making Neurosoft an ideal partner for our customers in order to modernise their ICT infrastructure but also ensure that problems encountered across technical and geographical domains are dealt with in a professional manner under strict SLAs.

In Cyber Security, Neurosoft provides holistic protection services for companies and organisations, as well as valuable assistance and expertise to private sector owners and operators. We offer our customers a full information security program which involves information security domains where organisations need professional consultancy and advanced technical skills in order to improve their overall security posture. A dedicated security team can work on our customers’ infrastructure, giving day-to-day advice on potential security matters and incidents, performing continuous security assessments of all technology in place (wireless, mobile, servers, web, etc.) and collaborating with their IT and Information Security departments in order to resolve and mitigate the problems.

Using a combination of monitoring tools, intrusion detection tools, cyber threat intelligence and Honeypots to monitor network traffic for malicious activity and analysing data to address cyber vulnerabilities, risks and threats, Neurosoft provides complete services for customers’ protection, offering security awareness programs and security trainings for their  personnel as well.

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with years of proven experience, holding internationally recognised certifications that confirm our advanced skills and high ethical profile. Neurosoft meets high technical skill requirements by participating in advanced trainings, conferences and seminars, assuring that our methodologies are always up-to-date in order to offer you state-of-the-art tools for optimal results.